Membership Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in the Lansdale Car Wash Club you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this program and that your credit/debit card associated with this membership can and will be charged one time per month (on the anniversary date) the amount associated with the price of the current service. In the event of your credit/debit card being declined for any reason or expired we reserve the right to deny any and all wash services.

Members can change their plan at any time directly through the Lansdale Car Wash App.  Memberships will not be terminated until the end of the member’s monthly billing cycle. 

 Cancellations must be received at least seven (7) days prior to the next billing date; otherwise you will be charged for that month and the cancellation will not be effective  until the following billing date. After cancellation, once the billing cycle ends the member will not be charged again. If cancellation occurs before the member’s

current billing cycle is complete, members may be able to use their membership

until the end of their current billing cycle. No refunds, credits or discounts will be

given for partial membership periods. No third party cancellations will be accepted.

*Special Terms* 50% discount membership codes,  discount is for the first month and requires 3 month minimum membership.

Lansdale Car Wash provides members the ability to wash their eligible vehicle once every 24 hours while the membership is renewed.

The Lansdale Car Wash Half Off Club provides members the ability to wash their eligible vehicle an unlimited number of times while the membership is renewed.

Wash codes provided through the Lansdale Car Wash App do expire and are

meant for one-time, immediate use only.

Lansdale Car Wash reserves the right at any time to cancel, amend or change the program; including but not limited to membership fees, from time to time as necessary.

Only one account membership is allowed per one device. Lansdale Car Wash memberships are per vehicle, meaning only one vehicle is eligible to be enrolled per membership. Membership is transferable upon the purchase of a new vehicle and upon notice to Lansdale Car Wash. Membership services are

only available within the designated premises of Lansdale Car Wash’s property. This means memberships can only be used when present at the Lansdale Car Wash location.

All prices do not include sales tax. Prices are subject to change at any time. Memberships or any other purchases within the Lansdale Car Wash App cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers, prepaid washes, wash codes or gift cards. Current or pre-existing Lansdale Car Wash gift cards, prepaid accounts, fleet accounts, wash codes, prepaid washes, discounts or offers cannot be combined with memberships or exchanged for memberships or any other purchases within the Lansdale Car Wash App. 

Reward points are earned when the credit/debit card associated with a member’s account within the Lansdale Car Wash App is charged (i.e. gift cards and single wash purchases), with the exception of the credit/debit charge of a monthly membership fee. Lansdale Car Wash App Wallet balances cannot be used towards monthly membership fees. Reward points do not expire and do not have a limit on how many can be earned. Every 100 points earned is equal to $10.

Lansdale Car Wash is open 24/7. However, Lansdale Car  Wash reserves the right to close (or may be forced to close due to means beyond our control) due to inclement weather, equipment maintenance, upgrades, software updates, power outages, internet outages, utility related issues or for any other reason necessary. If Lansdale Car Wash is closed for any reason, no refunds, credits or discounts will be given.

Lansdale Car Wash has the right to turn away vehicles that do not qualify to use our washes; i.e. excessively muddy vehicles. Vehicles taller than seven feet will not fit into our laser bays. Vehicles containing bike racks, hitches, snow blades or any other modifications or accessories that can cause the machine to shut down is not Lansdale Car Wash’s responsibility and refunds, discounts or credits will not be given.

Questions regarding wash quality can be directed to Lansdale Car Wash; however, refunds, discounts or credits are not guaranteed.

Fleet vehicles (including but not limited to car dealership and company vehicles), taxis, limos and any other professional transportation vehicles are not allowed.

This agreement allows Lansdale Car Wash to contact you regarding your membership as needed, (including but not limited to notices, agreements, billing, and disclosures). Providing your email address and/or phone number and accepting these terms and conditions confirms your ability and consent to receive communications from Lansdale Car Wash.

This agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania and the member consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of venue of the state or federal courts located in Montgomery County PA.

For questions or concerns pertaining to Lansdale Car Wash please visit our website at:

For questions or concerns regarding technical support for the Lansdale Car Wash App please contact:

Lansdale Car Wash holds the right to terminate any membership at any time if

the member is in violation of any of these terms and conditions.