Welcome to the new Arch Vacuum Station!

Installed with our Club Members in mind, the new Arch Style Vacuums are convenient and powerful! Bearing two of the highest suctioning vacuums on the market, this system is available 24/7 and usage is FREE when you're a member of any of our Unlimited Clubs! Simply open the Lansdale Car Wash App and navigate to the "Unlimited" icon. There you can select and activate the Vacuums!

How To Activate Free Vacuums with App

Check out this great video that shows just how to use your unlimited membership to activate our arch style vacuums! For a written breakdown check below!

Activation Instructions


Step One:

Open the Lansdale Car Wash App and navigate to the Unlimited Tab

Step Two:

Select Start Washing

Step Three:

Check in and verify that you are at Lansdale Car Wash

Step Four:

Select Vacuum and verify if you are at Vacuum #1 or #2

Step Five:

Select Activate Machine and start vacuuming!

It's that simple!

Vacuum station numbers can be found near the yellow Nayax box shown left. 

Not an Unlimited Member?

You are still able to use our vacuums! These machines accept credit cards, bills and coins!